Next-generation jobs supporting UC Davis "research-to-market"
100% clean energy, including extensive on site solar
$1.7 billion in annual economic activity within the City of Davis
$5.4 million surplus generated for Davis General Fund
Significant workforce & affordable housing

Project Overview

The Davis Innovation & Sustainability Campus (DISC) is an innovation center designed to help new and established innovation companies and their workers succeed and grow in Davis. Located in east Davis north of I-80, the DISC will create new jobs and housing, including capital “A” affordable housing, that will help make our economy more resilient and adaptive. The City of Davis’ Innovation Park Task Force in 2012 identified the DISC site as ideal to support collaboration between technology companies, local startups, UC Davis, and other institutions of higher learning – a vision first identified as a City priority as far back as 1992. Designed and proposed by Buzz Oates, Ramco Enterprises and Reynolds & Brown after years of community input, the campus will support UC Davis technology transfer, create an employment and housing pipeline to keep young Davisites in Davis, and strengthen Davis’ role as a global leader in sustainable agriculture, clean technology, and other research-focused industries committed to improving our world. In these trying times, the DISC will serve as a stimulus project to help Davis recover from the economic downturn.


DISC will provide next generation

High Speed Internet

Next Generation Home for Innovative Technology

A variety of building types needed to support innovation in Davis will be offered at the DISC, including wet/dry laboratory, office, research and development, prototyping, and advanced manufacturing to create a “research-to-market” environment. The DISC will also provide state-of-the-art broadband Internet to help meet the connectivity needs of next generation industries. Additionally, the campus will provide 850 housing units and make the most significant contribution to Affordable housing in Davis history, so that people working at the DISC can integrate into the larger Davis community. The campus’s commitment to 100% clean energy will ensure that it attracts businesses committed to sustainability and innovation.

Jobs Advancing UC Davis Technology

The DISC will employ more than 5,400 for Davis residents, UC Davis students, and graduates – helping the community to retain more brain power and talent. The economic resurgence supported by the DISC will also create an additional 6,000 jobs in the City of Davis and 9,000 jobs throughout Yolo County. The DISC will facilitate more technology transfer from UC Davis to local businesses – building on the area’s reputation as a center of cutting edge research that is changing the world for the better. In this time of economic uncertainty, these jobs will help Davis better weather the storm for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Project Impact

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The vision of the DISC is to strengthen Davis’ role as a hub of 21st century technological innovation. The DISC will help the City of Davis harness the intellectual and economic power of the jewel of our community: UC Davis, and other nearby institutions of higher learning. It will enable companies started in Davis to remain here, reversing an alarming trend of Davis startups leaving our city, while attracting new cutting-edge industry leaders in sustainable agriculture and green technology. For businesses struggling to retain a customer base in Davis, the DISC will provide a resurgence of new customers who live, work, and visit the property. The DISC when built out will generate over $5.4 million annually for the City General Fund supporting vital services including: our schools, road improvements, parks, libraries, and first responders while generating $1.7 billion in annual economic activity in Davis.